Temple Run: Oz


James Franco runs for his life


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Temple Run: Oz is a platform game starring James Franco, the hero of Oz, that uses the same mechanics behind the legendary Temple Run to bring the magic of Disney's new movie to your iOS device.

The controls are very simple: tilt your screen from one side to the other to move the character from left to right, swipe your finger upwards to make him jump, and downwards to make him duck down.

With these simple controls you can control Oz as he flees from various dangers that are after him and intent on stopping the race. All of the characters and levels are of course inspired by the movie from Disney.

The graphics in Temple Run: Oz are excellent, with some really detailed level design and excellent character models that are leagues above the rest of the elements on the screen.

Temple Run: Oz is an addictive game that combines all of the fun from the original Temple Run with the magic of Disney's characters.
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